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Clamping is 'damaging' Henderson's reputation - business association

Clamping is ‘damaging’ Henderson’s reputation – business association

Businesses are being encouraged to use other methods to monitor their private carparks.

Business owners in Henderson, west Auckland, are being encouraged to scrap clamping from their car parks.

A Henderson landowner, who owns one of the car parks that contracts Elite Parking Services, says the need for clamping has been perpetuated by a lack of public parking.

“There is a shortage of car parks here. Fundamentally, this has been caused by the council.”

Elite Parking Services has come under fire for its clamping practices in Henderson.

According to Auckland Transport (AT), there are 744 public parking spaces, six mobility spaces and two loading zones available to the public in the Henderson town centre. This includes a 299-space parking building.

The majority of spaces allow free parking up to 90 minutes with the Trading Place car park building charging $1 per hour for parking.

Spokesman James Ireland says AT doesn’t clamp vehicles. However, it does use the enforcement method of infringement fines or towing in the case of road safety, or if a vehicle needs to be removed for obstruction or in the public interest.

Peter White from the Henderson Lincoln Business Association says the issue of wheel clamping is “a conundrum that needs reason and compassion” from both sides to resolve.
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“The actions of clamping companies operating in Henderson are very damaging to the town centre’s reputation, however one can also understand a shopkeeper’s frustration when she or he loses business due to parks reserved for their customers (that they pay for) being taken by others.

“What cannot be debated is the appalling manner of the clampers – their attitude is disastrous for all businesses, and many owners may not be aware of the standover tactics employed by the clamping companies,” White says.

The issue of clamping has been discussed at the association’s meetings resulting in resolutions to encourage property and business owners to better signpost car parks while also encouraging enforcement agencies to be better trained and consider bringing infringement fees in line with the council.

Generally, council infringement fees range from between a maximum of $40 to $60 for exceeding parking time limits.

Henderson-Massey Local Board deputy chairperson Shane Henderson says the local board is investigating what different options could be used by businesses to monitor their car parks.

“Most of our residents can’t afford the fee to unclamp their car and it gives someone a terrible story to tell when they’ve been shopping here.

“It perpetuates a negative mind frame about our town centre. Clamping is not acceptable.”

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