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Finance Ministry mulls public input in graft fight

Finance Ministry mulls public input in graft fight

Corruption levels at each agency under the Finance Ministry will be taken into account when executive reshuffles and promotions are considered, says Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong.

The perceptions of people who use the Finance Ministry’s services can be used as an indicator of graft, Mr Apisak said after presiding over a signing ceremony for the Finance Ministry’s collaboration to crack down on graft and boost integrity.

In cases where people feel a state agency has not requested tea money, the agency should see an improvement on the ministry’s anti-corruption indicator. By contrast, when people make numerous complaints about tea money requests, it signals corruption problems, he added.

Mr Apisak said solving corruption problems in the Finance Ministry was his chief concern when he took up office, as there were complaints that the ministry’s officials, under the elected governments in particular, had asked for tea money in exchange for fast and smooth services. The Finance Ministry will also set up a committee to probe graft in the ministry, he said.

The Finance Ministry’s inspector-general will chair the soon-to-be-established committee and the results will be reported directly to the finance minister, said Mr Apisak, adding that it is the same practice carried out by a privately-owned audit committee, which makes a direct reports to a firm’s board of directors.

The Finance Ministry earlier incorporated graft-battling integrity pacts (IPs) into procurement bids for all public projects worth 500 million baht or more.

IPs are deals signed between state agencies and companies bidding for contracts. They require both parties to declare they will abstain from collusion, bribery and other forms of corruption in the project.

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