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Money Market Govt auctions Rs174bn T-bills

Money Market: Govt auctions Rs174bn T-bills

THE government sold Rs174.447bn worth of market treasury bills last Wednesday exceeding the auction target of Rs150bn. However, the amount raised was lower than the bids received of a sum of Rs389.688bn.

Of the total raised amount, 12-month T-bills fetched the highest amount Rs101.636bn at a cut-off yield of 6.2192pc followed by six-month Rs72.464bn at 6.2026pc and three-month Rs346.747m at 6.1697pc.

According to the weekly statement of position of all scheduled banks for the week ended Feb 19, 2016, total assets of all scheduled banks inched up to Rs13,367.149bn from Rs13,361.393bn during the preceding week. It was higher by 15.04pc compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs11,619.607bn.
Deposits with banks drop during last week

Total assets of all commercial banks rose 0.05pc to Rs13,154.921bn from Rs13,147.708bn in the previous week.

Specialised banks’ combined assets dropped to Rs212.228bn from Rs213.685bn in preceding week.

Deposits and other accounts of all scheduled banks decreased to Rs9,352.810bn from Rs9,363.033bn in the week ago. Compared with last year’s corresponding figure of Rs8,403.236bn, it was higher by 11.30pc.

All commercial banks’ deposits and other accounts stood at Rs9,314.124bn against preceding week’s Rs9,324.016bn. Deposits and other accounts of specialised banks fell to Rs38.687bn against Rs39.017bn in the previous week.

Gross advances of all scheduled banks rose 0.15pc to Rs4,835.714bn from Rs4,828.434bn in the previous week. Compared with last year’s corresponding figure of Rs4436.378bn, it was up by 9pc.

Advances by all commercial banks fell to Rs4,675.422bn against previous week’s Rs4668.483bn. Advances of specialised banks stood at Rs160. 291bn against previous week’s Rs159. 951bn.

Scheduled banks’ borrowings increased 0.50pc to Rs1,923.488bn over previous week’s Rs1,913.77bn. Compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs1,331.727bn, it stood higher by 44.43pc.

Borrowings by commercial banks also rose to Rs1,892.226bn against previous week’s Rs1,881.085bn. Specialised banks’ combined borrowings eased to Rs31.261bn against preceding week’s Rs32.685bn.

Investments of all scheduled banks stood at Rs6,906.517bn against preceding week’s Rs6798.631bn, a rise of 1.60pc. Compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs5,509.725bn, it was higher by 25.35pc.

Chart by Rehan Ahmed

The combined investments by commercial banks rose 1.55pc to Rs6874.689bn against preceding week’s Rs6,769. 638bn. Compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs5482.559bn, it was higher by 25.40pc. The specialised banks’ investment jumped to Rs31.828bn from Rs28.993bn in the previous week.

Cash and balances with treasury banks of all scheduled banks declined 8.50pc to Rs734.099bn from Rs802.300bn. It was higher by 7.86pc when compared with Rs680.579bn in the same week last year.

Commercial banks’ combined cash and balances dropped 8.51pc to Rs732.117bn from Rs800.205bn in the previous week.

According to the weekly Statement of Affairs of the State Bank of Pakistan for the week ended February 19, notes in circulation increased to Rs3167.045bn over preceding week’s figure of Rs3182.262bn, a fall of 0.48pc. Compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs2547.756bn, the current week’s figure is higher by 24.30pc.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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