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New auto policy ‘offers nothing to consumers’

New auto policy ‘offers nothing to consumers’

ISLAMABAD: The re­­cently launched auto policy offers nothing to consumers, the Senate Standing Com­mittee on Industries and Production said on Tuesday, describing the plan as tilted in favour of importers.

In a meeting to discuss the Automotive Develop­ment Policy 2016-21, the committee members recommended a redress mechanism to help consumers lodge complaints against automakers.

Senator Hidayatullah, the committee’s chairman, directed the Ministry of Indus­tries and Production to constitute a cell and post an online form where the general public can submit their feedback regarding the policy.

The committee members also obs­erved that the policy was more inclined towards importers and was less supportive towards the local industrialists.

However, the committee was informed that the new policy mandated auto companies to recall their vehicles in Pakistan in line with their global policy. Moreover, their licences could also be cancelled for non-compliance.

The senators inquired about the quality and standards of vehicles being manufactured in the country and criticised the ministry of industries for not meeting the required standards.

To this, Engineering Development Board (EDB) General Manager Ajmal Sharif responded that this was the responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the rules to check and finally clear the new manufactured vehicle were formulated in 1969 when there were no airbags or hydraulic brakes.

“So why are the rules not being upgraded,” wondered Mr Hidayatullah, as amazed as other members of the community.

Secretary industries Khyzar Hayat Gondal then have very complicated and technical details that how the rules were being upgraded and a committee had been formed.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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