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PSX mock trading from today

PSX mock trading from today

ISLAMABAD: Prior to the formal launch of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Jan 11, the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited (KSE) will hold a two-day pre-production mock trading session for all certificate holders of the three bourses on Saturday and Sunday.

The KSE’s management, accompanied by officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP), will provide detailed briefing to all Trading Rights Entitlement (TRE) Certificate Holders of KSE, the Lahore Stock Exchange Limited (LSE) and the Islamabad Stock Exchange Limited (LSE).

The PSX has been established after the integration of the three stock exchanges.

According to the SECP, special trading sessions are in addition to mock trading which the KSE has been arranging over the last few weeks to assist TRE certificate holders of LSE and ISE to familiarise them with the trading systems of KSE.

The mock sessions will allow all certificate holders to experience actual trading at the KSE. The session will grant enhanced access to brokers to the entire trading engine, including the Karachi Automated Trading Terminal (KATS), internet-based trading, risk management, such as use of exposure margins through the NCHS, Cash Management System handling by designated banks for transferring cash etc. The certificate holders would be able to enter buy and sell orders and monitor their exposure.

These mock sessions will ensure readiness of TRE certificate holders of LSE and ISE for smooth assimilation into PSX and also commence trouble-free operations at the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited with its go-live date of Jan 11. As part of the overall arrangement for seamless integration of the stock exchanges, this will be an integral component to successfully conclude the project, officials believe.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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