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Shariah-compliant listed companies to get 2pc tax cut

Shariah-compliant listed companies to get 2pc tax cut

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has introduced a tax reduction of 2 per cent for Shariah-compliant listed companies through Finance Act 2016.

The tax rebate, introduced on the suggestion of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), is part of reforms being introduced for elimination of Riba and for promotion and development of Islamic capital market.

To implement this tax rebate, a new clause 18(b) has been inserted in the Second Schedule Part-II of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 through the Finance Act, 2016.

The screening criteria to become eligible for the tax rebate will be approved by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the SECP and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

However, listed companies deriving their income only from the manufacturing activities and having declared their taxable income for three consecutive years and having paid dividends for the last five consecutive years could qualify and apply for the tax rebate.

The tax incentive will attract new listings of companies on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and add depth to the market.

Moreover, it will create vibrant primary and secondary markets; capitalise the limited capital base, mobilise resources through channeling of faith-based investor savings, counter market anomalies and malpractices due to larger free-floats, create employment and generate revenue for the national exchequer in terms of additional direct and indirect taxes.

An analysis of the data compiled for listed manufacturing companies reveals that eight companies can immediately qualify the criteria for Shariah compliance and avail 2pc tax savings as their interest-bearing debt or gearing is zero per cent provided they convert their interest income from investments to income from Shariah compliant capital market equity and debt securities.

Another six companies, with gearing ratios of up to 10pc can also easily become eligible for the tax rebate subject to the condition that interest income and financing, be relocated to Shariah compliant modes of financing and investments.

Similarly, other companies, which are leveraged by conventional borrowings, may also avail the discount in corporate tax by structuring on Islamic modes. Though tax rebate to companies will have a cost for the national exchequer, the liquidity created means that additional funds are available for distribution as dividends on which withholding tax can be realised.

On the directives of the Finance Minister, to pass on the benefits of tax rebate to the public shareholders of the eligible companies, the SECP is considering additional conditions in consultation with the SBP and FBR for the companies to maintain a minimum of 25pc free-float, conduct business that is halal and all income and financing activities should be riba-free.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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