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8-year-old's dead body recovered from hotel in Lahore

8-year-old’s dead body recovered from hotel in Lahore

LAHORE: The body of an eight-year-old boy who had been missing for the past couple of days, was recovered from a hotel’s gutter on Sunday.

According to details, the boy’s corpse was found from a hotel’s gutter, which is located in Lahore’s Islampura area. The boy had gone missing eleven days earlier during an event held at the hotel.

Eight-year-old Hasnain had arrived with his family from Samanabad eleven days earlier at a hotel in Islampura to attend a nikkah ceremony, when he went missing. Police conducted their usual investigation regarding the matter but were unable to derive anything conclusive. Hasnain’s body was spotted after the hotel’s gutters overflowed due to rain that had taken place in the city three days ago.

After the combined efforts of police officers and rescue officials, the dead body was recovered from the hotel’s gutter after one hour.

When parents of the deceased realized came to know about their son’s death, uncontrollable grief gripped them. They alleged that police were not fully cooperating with them and also claimed that their son had been murdered.

The police’s incomplete investigations have raised several questions. The CCTV footage does not show the boy leaving the premises, then how was he dumped into the hotel’s gutter? Another question that remains unanswered is that why did the police not search the whole house thoroughly after a case of kidnapping was registered?

Courtesy : TheNews



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