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A Sufi Muslim hacked to death in Bangladesh

A Sufi Muslim hacked to death in Bangladesh

DHAKA: A Pir (spiritual leader) has been hacked to death Bangladesh in a fashion that bears the hallmark of previous murders of bloggers and secular activists by suspected Islamic attacks.

The victim, Shahidullah, 65, was found dead in Rajshahi with gashes on the right shoulder and a slit throat in a mango orchard, Daily Star reports quoting police.

Police recovered the body after being informed by locals around 10:00pm last night, Abdur Razzak, officer-in-charge of local Police Station, said. “It seems he was hacked first and then slaughtered.”

This killing is the latest in the spate of grisly murders that has been haunting the north since last year. Recently, a Rajshahi University professor was murdered in similar fashion in the district.

Son of the victim, Russel Ahmed, sued anonymous people in a case filed with Police Station. He said his father was a follower of “Torika Ponthi” (a particular spiritual path) and might have had enmity with followers of other path.

The northern division has been plagued by at least 14 untoward incidents for the past seven months that relate to militancy and resulted in death of at least six people including a foreigner.

Courtesy : TheNews



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