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Govt sells Rs186bn T-bills to banks

Govt sells Rs186bn T-bills to banks

THE government raised Rs186.457bn from the auction of treasury bills of various tenors on Feb 17, lower than its target of Rs250bn. The central bank had received bids worth a much higher Rs467.189bn.

Of the total, 12 month T-bills fetched the highest amount of Rs159.180bn at a cut-off yield of 6.2419pc, followed by three-month Rs26.355bn at 6.2144pc and six-month with Rs921.405m at 6.2239pc.

Investors had showed higher interest in 12-month government papers, which received Rs303.610bn bids followed by three-month Rs114.409bn and six-month 49.168bn.

According to the weekly statement of position for the week ended Feb 5, 2016, deposits and other accounts of all the scheduled banks decreased to Rs9,347.521bn from Rs9,408.102bn in the preceding week. Compared with last year’s corresponding figure of Rs8428.142bn, it was higher by 10.90pc.

Deposits and other accounts of all commercial banks showed slight decline to Rs9,308.263bn from Rs9368.465bn in the previous month. Specialised banks’ deposits and other accounts stood at Rs39.259bn, against preceding week’s Rs39.637bn.

Total assets of all scheduled banks rose 0.77pc to Rs13,442.804bn from Rs13,339.535bn in the preceding week. It was higher by 15.75pc when compared with Rs11,613.393bn in the corresponding week last year.

All commercial banks’ assets stood at Rs13,229.307bn, up 0.80pc over the previous week’s Rs13,125.237bn.

The combined assets of specialised banks dipped to Rs213.497bn as Rs214.297bn in the preceding week.

Gross advances of all scheduled banks eased 0.08pc to Rs4,836.479bn from Rs4,840.347bn in the preceding week. It was higher by 8.61pc when compared with Rs4452.856bn in the same week last year.

Advances by all commercial banks fell 0.09pc to Rs4,676.925bn from Rs4,681.091bn in the previous week.

Advances of specialised banks stood at Rs159.554bn against previous week’s Rs159.256bn.

Borrowings by all scheduled banks increased 6.74pc in the week under review to Rs2027.356bn from Rs1,899.358bn in the preceding week. It was higher by 55.24pc when compared with last year’s corresponding figure of Rs1,305.957bn.

Commercial banks’ borrowings also rose 6.88pc to Rs1,994.683bn against previous week’s Rs1866.272bn.

The specialised banks’ borrowings stood at Rs32.673bn against preceding week’s Rs33.086bn.

Investments of all scheduled banks stood at Rs6,796.038bn against preceding week’s Rs6819.172bn, a fall of 0.34pc. Compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs5,534.735bn, it was up 22.79pc.

Commercial banks investment fell to Rs6767.430bn from Rs6,790.572bn the previous week. Compared to last year’s corresponding figure of Rs5499.318bn, it was higher by 23.06pc.

Investment by all specialised banks stood at Rs28.608bn against preceding week’s Rs28.600bn.

Cash and balances with treasury banks of all scheduled banks increased 9.21pc to Rs820.799bn against previous week’s Rs751.596bn. It was higher by 30.27pc when compared with last year’s Rs630.070bn.

Commercial banks’ cash and balances stood at Rs818.972bn, up 9.30pc over the previous week’s Rs749.290bn.

According to the weekly Statement of Affairs of the State Bank of Pakistan for the week ended Feb 5, currency notes in circulation increased to Rs3,154.010bn over preceding week’s Rs3093.165bn, a rise of 1.96pc.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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