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Haleema murder case suspect Rizwan makes important revelations

Haleema murder case: suspect Rizwan makes important revelations

KARACHI: Rizwan, the prime suspect in Haleema’s murder case, made shocking revelations upon being interrogated by police on Thursday.

According to details, Rizwan owned up to killing Haleema and then dropping off her three-year old son Abdullah at Edhi centre. Rizwan also stated that he had drugged Haleema before killing her by giving her pills that caused intoxication.

RIzwan also revealed during his interrogation that he had usurped money from Haleema which amounted to Rs 350,000. The suspect also revealed that he had sold off all of Haleema’s jewelry.

Police are also questioning Rizwan regarding his suspected secret marriage with Haleema.

Rizwan allegedly dropped off three-year old Abdullah at Edhi Centre in Karachi. He told the authorities at Edhi Centre that he had found the boy at Karachi’s Sea View area. However, on June 1, Haleema’s murdered body was found in an apartment which the police traced back to Rizwan, who had provided the accommodation to Haleema.

Abdullah is currently in the possession of Edhi Centre administration and will only be handed over to his father and step-brother after a court ruling directs Edhi Centre to do so.

Courtesy : TheNews



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