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Here’s what drone attack survivor Shahbaz Taseer has to say about drones

Here’s what drone attack survivor Shahbaz Taseer has to say about drones

Every time a drone strike kills someone in Pakistan, we are reminded (by the government) about how our sovereignty is being violated. A few days later everyone moves on and we forget that a foreign country routinely bombs us and we routinely publish the same statement.

Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, decided to engage his followers on the government’s hypocrisy when it comes to drones, while also giving his own two cents on their effectiveness. It’s safe to assume that he had some hands on knowledge about the topic after almost five years with the Taliban.

He started out with this poignant tweet and went on to answer a host of questions by his followers.

US forces will continue to go after threats on Pakistani soil: Obama

Taseer went on to add how drones were loud and never ‘randomly’ hit anything. “99.9% if not more is the accuracy of a drone. Always hits its intended target,” he added.

A day before, US President Barack Obama confirmed Mansoor’s death in a US air strike, Pakistan’s foreign ministry disclosed that a passport found at the site, bearing a different name, carried a valid Iranian visa.

US didn’t notify Pakistan until after deadly strike

It added that the purported passport holder was believed to have returned to Pakistan from Iran on Saturday, the day of the drone strike targeting Mullah Mansoor. Photos of the passport, bearing the name Wali Muhammad, showed a passing resemblance to some of the old photos available of Mansoor.

Opening up about his captors once again, Shahbaz said, “My kidnappers were Uzbek with Pakistani ID cards. At least he looks local.”

Further, referring to the issue of whether or not Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was informed prior to the attack, Shahbaz, in a seemingly sarcastic tone said, “PM is aware of very little.. Generally.. Let’s not bother him with this.”

When asked whether Shahbaz was in favour of killing the children of militants (something US presidential candidate Donald Trump has no qualms about), he said he wasn’t pro death but asked his followers to ask survivors and families of suicide blast victims about collateral damage.

Shahbaz Taseer opens up about torture during captivity

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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