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Imran Khan will be next PM Khattak

Imran Khan will be next PM: Khattak

NOWSHERA: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has claimed that Imran Khan will become the next prime minister as voters have become conscious of their rights.

While addressing a public meeting in union council Dag Baysood, Khattak said that the people have become conscious and they will not put their future in the hands of looters and robbers.

He said that PTI government has purged all institutions of political interference. “Our government is pursuing the agenda of restoration of self-esteem of poor people in patwar khanas and police stations by shutting the doors of corruption. We also have ensured attendance of teachers in schools and doctors in hospitals.”

Provision of quality education to the children of poor segments of the society and addressing their basic problems is our first priority, he said.

“I can never think of purchasing house for me nor can I buy land cruiser as these all come through unfair means. My hands are clean and no ill-gotten money can find way to my home,” he said.

Courtesy : TheNews



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