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Islamabad says Delhi creating instability

Islamabad says Delhi creating instability

ISLAMABAD: Alluding to India’s recent aggression and the display of irresponsible behaviour, Pakistan has accused its arch rival of creating instability both at the regional and global levels by its pursuit of ‘hegemonic policies’ in South Asia.

“South Asia’s security environment is blighted by India’s insistence on hegemonic policies, engaging in a relentless arms build-up, and a myopic refusal to engage in any meaningful dialogue on security issues,” said Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Tehmina Janjua on Tuesday, while speaking at the UN Committee on disarmament and international security matters.

Turkey expresses complete solidarity with Pakistan on Kashmir issue

“Pakistan’s security was fundamentally challenged by the introduction of nuclear weapons in its neighbourhood,” Janjua added. She referred to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s recent UN General Assembly address in which he highlighted Pakistan’s resolve to maintain strategic stability in South Asia.

The ambassador reminded the committee of Pakistan’s readiness to agree on a bilateral arrangement with India on a nuclear test ban a proposal that awaited a response from New Delhi.

“Peace and stability in South Asia will not be possible without resolving underlying disputes especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute; agreeing on measures for nuclear and missile restraint, and instituting conventional forces balance,” she said, adding that Pakistan’s proposal for a strategic restraint regime, based on these three inter-locking elements, remained on the table.

She said Pakistan has always demonstrated its commitment to peace and stability in the region, adding that the country’s conduct continued to be defined by restraint and responsibility, and avoidance of an arms race.

Pakistan, she said, has positioned itself as a mainstream partner in the international non-proliferation regime as well as the global efforts to strengthen nuclear security and safety. Janjua said Pakistan has instituted a stringent national export control system and a robust nuclear security regime that is at par with the best international standards.

“Through a series of actions in diverse areas, we have demonstrated our credentials and eligibility to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). We expect that a non-discriminatory, criteria-based approach is followed for expanding the NSG’s membership, which will strengthen the non-proliferation regime in an equitable and credible manner,” she added. In response to India’s right of reply, Pakistan demanded an urgent response to its proposal for a strategic restraint regime and the prime minister’s recent proposal for a bilateral arrangement on nuclear test ban. India’s diversion of fissile material provided to it for peaceful purposes to build its first nuclear bomb was also recalled for the committee’s attention.

Turkey reaffirms support on Kashmir

Meanwhile, the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) speaker has reaffirmed his country’s traditional and strong support for the cause of the people of Jammu and Kashmir during a meeting with Prime Minister’s Special Envoys, Muhammad Pervez Malik and Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha.

On the first day of their visit to Turkey, the PM envoys met a cross-section of the Turkish parliamentary leadership, media, civil society and think-tanks to apprise them of the gross and systematic violations of human rights being perpetrated by the security forces in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).

A foreign office statement said the special envoys called on the the TGNA speaker Ismail Kahraman and briefed him in detail about the atrocities being committed against the defenseless Kashmiri people, demanding their legitimate and inalienable right to self-determination.

They highlighted that the death of the young Kashmiri leader, Burhan Wani, had reignited an intense phase of the popular uprising in the IOK, also being characterised as the ‘Kashmiri Intifada’.

No power on earth can stop Pakistan from supporting Kashmiris: PM reiterates

Drawing attention towards the use of arbitrary force, live ammunition and pellet-guns by the occupying forces to quell the recent protests in the IOK, the envoys underlined the need for an urgent and meaningful intervention by the world community to bring an end to the brutalisation of Kashmiris.

They also demanded a fair, independent and transparent inquiry under the UN auspices to hold the perpetrators of these heinous acts responsible; and, above all, ensure the realisation of the right to self-determination of the IOK people in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions, and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

The special envoys also briefed the TGNA speaker on the latest security situation in the region, including escalation of tensions due to New Delhi’s highly provocative rhetoric and incessant violations of the Line of Control (LoC) in order to divert international attention from the human rights situation in the IOK.

The envoys thanked Turkey for its principled position on Kashmir dispute and its consistent support for the Kashmiri people. Lauding Turkey’s active role in the OIC Contact Group on Jammu & Kashmir, the special envoys underlined the high importance of its proposal to send an OIC Fact Finding Mission to Jammu and Kashmir.

The special envoys expressed confidence that this strong support by the Turkish government and people would continue until a just and lasting solution of Kashmir was found.

Extending a warm welcome to the envoys, Ismail Kahraman underlined the unique and unprecedentedly cordial relationship between Pakistan and Turkey. He thanked Pakistan and its people for their strong support and solidarity for Turkey against the attempted coup of July 15.

The speaker also reiterated support for Pakistan in its fight against terrorism and underlined that Pakistan and Turkey had always supported each other on their respective national causes, ie, Kashmir and Cyprus.

The Turkish interlocutors reiterated their grave concern over the prevailing situation in the IOK, affirmed their solidarity with the Kashmiri people during this difficult hour, and reiterated their commitment to support their cause everywhere, and at all platforms.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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