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Khuzaima’s son joins Syedna succession battle in Mumbai

Khuzaima’s son joins Syedna succession battle in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Taher Fakhruddin, the son of Khuzaima Qutbuddin, who was a claimant to the title of Syedna, has filed an application in the Bombay High Court seeking to succeed his father in the ongoing case of succession in the high court, Indian newspaper Mumbai Mirror reported on Tuesday.

Immediately after Khuzaima Qutbuddin passed away on March 30, 2016, a statement was issued saying that he had appointed Taher Fakhruddin as his successor – the 54th Dai-ul-matlaq. Khuzaima’s deposition in the suit filed by him in HC was still incomplete when he passed away after illness.

His deposition was scheduled to continue in April, but he passed away just three weeks before that could happen. Fakhruddin is now seeking to become the plaintiff (petitioner) so that he can replace his father and take the case ahead.

Fakhruddin issued a statement on Monday saying he had requested the 53rd Dai-ul-matlaq Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin for a debate as per the custom in their community, but since he refused to accept the same, Fakhruddin had to approach the high court.

A letter addressed by Fakhruddin to Saifuddin was also released to the media along with the statement. The letter dated July 4 is said to have been sent to his official email ids. It says that Fakhruddin called upon Saifuddin to relinquish his “false claim” and the top community post in return for mercy.

Fakhruddin also listed various points in the letter to Saifuddin to justify his claim to the post, alleged perpetration of falsehoods, starving and abuse of the late Syedna Burhanuddin to claim the title.

“Out of concern for the community, I once again urge you to relinquish your false claim. The doors of repentance remain open for you and the seat of the Dai is a seat of compassion,” the letter reads.

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