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Khyber elders term Torkham clashes Indian ploy

Khyber elders term Torkham clashes Indian ploy

PESHAWAR: The elders of Khyber Agency have expressed serious concerns over clashes between Pakistan and Afghanistan at Torkham border and described it a plot of India.

Addressing a news conference at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, they assured security forces of their full support. They said that Pakistan being a peace loving independent state wanted to construct a gate at Torkham border to stop movement of terrorists but Afghan government was opposed to it.

Speaking on the occasion, Malik Zahir Shah Afrdi said that tribal people had always played effective role to protect borders of the country. He said that they would give a crushing defeat to the attackers if army allowed them.
Assure security forces of their full support

Flanked by Malik Waris Qambarkhel, Malik Faizullah Kokikhel, Malik Dauran Gul Malikdinkhel, Malik Kaptan Haji and Malik Sher Akbar Qambarkhel, he urged both Islamabad and Kabul to resolve the issue through negotiations to avoid bloodshed.

“We are representing our tribes and we are fully supporting our government and security forces. We will take arms whenever asked for the same,” said Mr Afridi. He added that actual sponsor of the clash was India but it would not succeed in its evil designs.

“We are ready to give all kinds of sacrifices for protection of our motherland,” he said. He added that Pakistan hosted Afghan refugees for several decades but Afghan government didn’t realise it and joined hands with anti-Pakistan forces.

Mr Afridi said that construction of gate at the border was an internal issue as it was being set up around 35 feet away from the Afghan side. He asked Afghan government to sort out peaceful solution to the issue to end tension between the two neigbouring countries.

Similarly, Malik Waris said that Pakistan and Afghanistan had cordial ties but some anti-Pakistan forces wanted to destabilise the region by using the soil of Afghanistan.

He said that tribal people would not allow anyone to target Pakistan from Afghanistan. The tribesmen would be the first to fight if they were allowed, he added.

The tribal elder said it was a matter of the sovereignty, integrity and solidarity of the country. He said they couldn’t allow hegemony of any anti-Pakistan country in the region.

Malik Sher Akbar said that the gate at Torkham was being constructed according to international rules. He said that Indian secret agency was involved in the issue to create tension between the two neighbouring countries.

Meanwhile, Peshawar Chamber of Traders and Small Industry president Ihtesham Haleem in a statement said that the traders would fully support security forces to get rid of the menace of terrorism.

PML-Q provincial president Intikhab Khan Chamkani also said that India wanted to shift its desired war from Wagah border to Torkham border but it would not succeed in its nefarious designs.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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