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National Hospital Lahore launches hotel-esque suites for patients

National Hospital Lahore launches hotel-esque suites for patients

As if the disparity between social classes in our country was not stark enough, National Hospital in Lahore has launched a floor exclusively for its most ‘elite’ patients.

“Many countries like India, Singapore and Dubai promote and offer extensive health/medical facilities where global standard medical treatment facilities are combined with a comfortable and relaxing environment,” Chief Executive at National Hospital Dr Shahida Khawaja said while speaking to The Express Tribune.

A fair point, seeing as Pakistan and India have relatively economical healthcare than that provided in developed nations; however, this new leap into luxury’s lap can be construed as a move made towards increasing medical tourism in the country and making our healthcare an attractive option for foreigners and nationals alike.

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National Hospital in Lahore launched its executive rooms floor to improve standard of health care facilities available to its patrons. PHOTO: PR

She added that with this initiative fewer people would travel abroad to receive expensive treatment. “As we globalise ourselves and set our targets to achieve high standards, it’s important to have such a facility in your own country. We believe there will be less inclination to go abroad to get extremely expensive treatment with this initiative.”

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As far as facilities being provided are concerned, Khawaja shared that the hospital would provide a one window facility on the executive floor where patients would check into the room directly without having to face any hassle. Their files will be prepared in the room and they will get all sorts of facilities in the room, including necessary tests.

“As far as hospital paramedics, nursing, doctors, and diagnostic investigations are concerned, there will be no additional charges for patients admitted on the executive floor, there will be a nominal increase (10%) for which they have to pay for enhanced facility,” she added.

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The interior design implemented on 10 regular executive rooms with two suites, was orchestrated by Naila Ishtaque, who worked in tandem with the hospital’s directors.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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