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Obama confirms Mullah Mansour killed in US air strike

Obama confirms Mullah Mansour killed in US air strike

HANOI: United States (US) President Barack Obama on Monday confirmed that Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in a US air strike and said that American forces would continue to go after threats on Pakistani soil.

“We have removed the leader of an organisation that has continued to plot against and unleash attacks on American and Coalition forces, to wage war against the Afghan people, and align itself with extremist groups like Al Qaeda,” the US president said in a statement.

“We will work on shared objectives with Pakistan, where terrorists that threaten all our nations must be denied safe haven,” he said.

Obama, who is on a three day visit to Vietnam, said Mansour had rejected efforts “to seriously engage in peace talks and end the violence that has taken the lives of countless innocent Afghan men, women and children”.

He called on the Taliban’s remaining leadership to engage in peace talks as the “only real path” to ending the attritional conflict.

Mansour, who was elevated to the leadership of the Taliban after a bitter power struggle, was killed on Saturday in a remote part of Balochistan.

The raid was the first known US assault on a top Afghan Taliban leader on Pakistani soil. Pakistan has lambasted the US over the drone attack, calling it a violation of its sovereignty.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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