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Pakistan's operation against terrorism has been successful John McCain

Pakistan’s operation against terrorism has been successful: John McCain

MIRANSHAH: United States senator John McCain took a brief tour of Miranshah and was all praises for Pakistan army’s efforts to clear the area from militants.

According to details, John McCain stated that Pakistan’s operation against terrorism had been successful. McCain also said that after visiting the area, he had been satisfied after witnessing first-hand the prevailing law and order situation there.

McCain also said that he would report back and apprise others regarding the importance of American aid to Pakistan for fighting militancy and terrorism.

The American delegation was also briefed on important issues such as border management with Afghanistan and the return of Afghan refugees back to their own country.

Senator John McCain, who had lost out to incumbent United States President Barack Obama in the 2008 US Presidential elections, visited Miranshah along with an American delegation to take stock of the security situation of the area.

Courtesy : TheNews



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