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Police arrest Zeenat's brother, who confesses to killing her

Police arrest Zeenat’s brother, who confesses to killing her

LAHORE: Police arrested Anees on Monday, who is of the suspect accused of murdering Zeenat, a Lahore-based girl who was burnt to death for marrying the girl of her choice.

Anees, who also happens to be Zeenat’s brother, confessed to committing his sister’s murder. According to details, police arrested him from a house in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony area.

According to police, Anees disclosed during initial investigation that he had first strangled his sister Zeenat to death and then burnt her to death. His statement regarding the murder matches the findings of the autopsy report of the deceased. Anees also stated that his mother was involved with him in strangling and burning Zeenat to death.

He also revealed that he had killed Zeenat since he was upset with her for marrying out of her choice and that at the time of the murder, he, his sister-in-law and mother were in the house.

“After committing her murder, I ran from the house,” said Anees, according to the police.

Zeenat, a 17-year old girl from Lahore’s Factory area, was burnt to death by her own relatives on Wednesday, 8th June. Zeenat’s husband, Hassan Khan, revealed to the police that Zeenat had been killed by her mother and brother for marrying him.

Reportedly, Parveen Bibi, who is the prime suspect in the Zeenat murder case and has been arrested by police, also confessed to killing her daughter and stated that she had no remorse. Eyewitnesses stated that after committing the murder, Parveen had taken to the streets, beaten her chest and openly announced that she had killed her daughter.

Hussian claimed that Zeenat’s family had invited her to come home so that they could throw her a proper wedding party. He said Zeenat feared for her life but he convinced her to go to her family’s house.

Zeenat’s burning invoked condemnations and shocked responses from across the country. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had taken notice of the incident and called for the immediate arrests of the suspects.

Courtesy : TheNews



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