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PPP-Rangers ties hit new low over arrest

PPP-Rangers ties hit new low over arrest

KARACHI: Relations between the Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, and the Pakistan Peoples Party became strained on Wednesday when the paramilitary force blamed “influential persons” for intervention while a suspect was being questioned for allegedly helping criminals in Larkana, officials and sources said.

The suspect, who is said to be a close aide to a key member of the provincial cabinet, was identified by the Rangers as Asad Kharal.

A brief statement issued by the paramilitary force said he was wanted in connection with facilitating at least a dozen suspects including the eight criminals who carried head money. But it did not elaborate if Kharal was still in their custody or was set free after the “intervention of influential persons”.

The official statement added: “The Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, while moving on credible information questioned Asad Kharal. During that process, influential aides of the suspect intervened and put hurdles in Rangers’ work. The suspect was involved in facilitating at least 12 hardcore criminals and the government has already announced head money for arrest of eight of them.

“The Pakistan Rangers taking serious notice of the incident vows to make writ of the law sure at any situation.”

Sources said that Kharal was intercepted and picked up by the Rangers personnel while he was driving from his home in the Masan Road area of Larkana on Tuesday night. He was taken to a nearby Civil Lines police station where the paramilitary force grilled him for some time, the source added.

The sources said the situation took a dramatic turn when he was set free and the Rangers troops left the area after having arguments with the “influential persons”.

There was no word from the provincial government or police about the episode.

However, the sources said Kharal was known for his close connections with key political figures of Larkana. “Everyone in Larkana knows about his close ties with Larkana’s Siyal family,” said a source. “He’s seen moving around with Home Minister Suhail Anwar Khan Siyal whenever he is in the city and other members of his family. It is generally believed here [Larkana] that the Rangers would have been approached by the Sindh government people when they had taken him into custody.”

While the provincial authorities remained tight-lipped on the issue, they sounded firm about denying Kharal’s involvement in any criminal case.

In Hyderabad, when Adviser to the Sindh Chief Minister Maula Bux Chandio was asked about it during a media briefing on rain emergency, he avoided speaking much on the issue though he came up with a brief argument to defend the suspect. “If Kharal is a criminal, he would not have been released by the law enforcement agencies,” said the adviser to the CM.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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