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Regional instability ‘India’s nuclear build-up hurting South Asia’s stability’

Regional instability: ‘India’s nuclear build-up hurting South Asia’s stability’

ISLAMABAD: Experts have warned that India’s conventional and nuclear build up is undermining South Asia’s strategic stability and could set off an arms race in the region.

These views were expressed at a round table discussion, ‘Growing Challenges to Strategic Stability in South Asia’, organised by Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS).

Strategic Plans Division Director Dr Adil Sultan said that India, besides upgrading its conventional capability in a big way, was also developing a complete inventory of nuclear arms ranging from tactical weapons to inter-continental ballistic missiles out of its ambitions to be reckoned as an “undisputed power” at least in the region.

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He further said that India was operationalising its nuclear triad, for which it tested the submarine launched ballistic missile, and developing anti-ballistic missile systems.

Dr Sultan expressed concern that “inconsistencies in India’s declaratory policies and evolving strategic thought” and the discord in “India’s security enclave” over nuclear drivers affect the regional strategic stability.

He cautioned that anti-ballistic missile systems could give Indian planners a false sense of security while planning any military adventurism against Pakistan.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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