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Shahbaz Taseer opens up about torture during captivity

Shahbaz Taseer opens up about torture during captivity

Shahbaz Taseer, the son of slain governor Punjab Salman Taseer, has opened up about his ordeal during the five years of captivity and how he was subjected to the most severe and inhumane methods of torture.

“I was flogged with 500 lashes in just about three to four days, followed by cutting my back with blade and taking out flesh from there. Then, they pulled out nails of my hands and feet. They even buried me in the ground for several days on at least three occasions,” said Shahbaz who was released with concerted efforts of law enforcers in Kuchlak area of Balochistan on March 8.

On August 26, 2011, Shahbaz’s car was intercepted by a black SUV and motorbike around 600 yards from the office and up to three men dragged him out and took him away.

In his interview with BBC Urdu, Shahbaz revealed he was subjected to severe torture and mental torment but God wanted him alive and he kept saving him from the misery.

Shahbaz Taseer recovered from Balochistan after five years in captivity

“They also kept me without food and sewed my mouth and once did not provide me food for at least seven to 10 days. I was also shot in the foot but it fortunately did not hurt me seriously,” he added.

Shahbaz went on to say: “The abductors placed honey bees on my face so that it may become unrecognisable for my family. I was also asked to provide bank account details.”

My wounds, he said, wouldn’t heal and I kept bleeding for a week for being unable to provide them bank details, the abductors had no mercy and no remorse on their wrongdoing.

“The torture in fact made me strong and I refused to their demands. Finally, my God ended my misery,” Shahbaz said adding, “I used to pray all night and until the dawn of a new day.”

This picture of Shahbaz Taseer and Ali Haider Gilani proves miracles do happen

Shahbaz denied that any ransom was paid for his release. “I managed to flee the prison with a help of a man and reach Kuchlak, Balochistan. Later, I was sent to Lahore by the troops of Pakistan Army.”

When asked about his abductors, Shahbaz said he was only held by Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan until the two groups fought with each other.

“They kidnapped me from Lahore and took me to Mir Ali area of Waziristan area and used to move me every month from the original place,” said Shahbaz.

“I was in Mir Ali when the Uzbeks attacked Karachi airport, but realising how Pakistan’s government and army will respond, they shifted me to Datta Khel, I was there till February 2015,” he revealed.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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