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The “Siasat” Involved in Used Cars- Buying Guide

The “Siasat” Involved in Used Cars- Buying Guide

Who doesn’t want a luxurious ride? The customized body with alloy rims shouting out loud for the class of the rider! But hey, it’s not always about the class or embellished shines-in fact majorly it’s about the comfort of the ride that makes the journey smooth.

You might be amongst the people like me who are aiming to buy a car a.k.a. a used car or in our typical style a “second-hand” car. Well, if you are looking for one then there is a lot you will have for sharing and there might be a lot you want to hear-the guidance for buying a used car; especially from an online source!

Technology has redefined the processes of buying and selling, and no doubt has made it comfortably easier. Yet, sometimes this comfort can become a nerve drenching pain. Reasons are simple; things sold online do not always show the actual picture.

Today, we are going to discuss about the “untold truths” about cars sold online-the “Siasat” as we say it-and ways how you can unfold the hidden damages. But before we go to that part, the first guideline we want to offer is to: only buy cars (old or new) from a reliable and reputable source like PakWheels or Motortrader.com.pk.

This is how it starts RIGHT, a reputable seller; otherwise you can get yourself into a mess of maintenance and spending hours at workshops-which in return if not reliable again, then the trail of spending and spending more is all you have in hand. So, let’s give you some start ups!

#1-Do Your Research-Get Things Straight

Dot down the things you want in a car, how much you can spend, what model you want, know the weak points, understand the typical cost intervals and repair points. Do not accept something you don’t want, this includes: any service history, wrong color etc. Keep a reliable mechanic in hand to go and see the car with you and explore its body and get a carfax.

#2- Look for the Details behind Certification

A car being certified won’t mean anything. A certification is a cheap powertrain warranty process that is backed up by the factory. If the car is by Honda, Merc, or Toyota than certification means certification. A “program car or “previous rental” are fancy terms for cars that have been on road to make revenue, don’t fall into this. Look for cars that were purchased from the dealer where it’s sold. This guarantees good experience of customer, availability of service records, and the answers will also be available with the dealer.

#3- Inspect the Owner and not Just the Car

Here it doesn’t actually mean that you get into a deep understanding with the owner, but just try inspecting the owner. See if the owner of the car seems trustworthy? Has the owner neglected maintenance? Is the owner eager in selling the car at any price offered or is he willing to show some concerns.

Sometimes knowing few things about the owner can deliberately answer your questions and make your purchase smooth.

In the end, we have just this to say-do a complete homework and survey and only purchase your car from a trustworthy e-seller. Your money is worth the investment, so deal carefully and last but not the least-take your personal mechanic, match the engine number as virtually written and on the sheet, and do learn to walk away.



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