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White House shuts down anti-Pakistan petition

White House shuts down anti-Pakistan petition

The White House has shut down an online petition asking for Pakistan to be declared a state sponsor of terrorism after suspecting fraud.

“This petition has been archived because it did not meet the signature requirements. It can no longer be signed,” the website reads. According to reports, supporters of the petition had until October 21, to get a total of 100,000 signatures in order to receive a response from the White House. The petition was closed at a count of 646,564 signatures.

While the website failed to mention anything regarding the petition being fraudulent, a White House official told Hindustan Times on the condition of anonymity that there were “some technical issues with some of the signatures” which needed to be looked into. Some of the signatures “could potentially be removed if there is evidence of fraud” consistent with the terms of participation, the official added.

The petition was launched on September 21 by an individual whose initials read RG. It kicked off a day after Congressmen Ted Poe and Dana Rohrabacher introduced the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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