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App-based cabs to keep running in Islamabad?

ISLAMABAD: As the Punjab and Sindh governments moved to clamp down on popular ride-sharing services Uber and Careem, rumours began circulating in the federal capital that the app-based cab services might be shut down.

However, the companies themselves remain hopeful that all issues with the government will be ironed out soon.

In late December 2016, the Islamabad District Administration issued notices to all ride-sharing services to stop their businesses, since they were not using commercial vehicles.

Three days after the notices were issued, the Islamabad offices of these companies were raided and sealed. However, both companies resumed their service in the federal capital shortly thereafter.

Careem Managing Director Junaid Iqbal told Dawn since the service was a totally new concept, there were no provisions for such a service in the existing laws.

“We met with the district administration and convinced them that the issue was a minor one, which can be addressed with an amendment in the law. However, there are 12 departments that will be taken onboard to address the issue, but we hope that it will be resolved soon,” he said.

courtesy : dawn news



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