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Four policemen killed in new shootout in Jordan

AMMAN: Gunmen killed four Jordanian policemen in a new shootout Tuesday in Karak, where an attack claimed by the Islamic State group left 10 people dead. Security forces came under fire after launching a raid to track down suspects following Sunday’s assault.

Sunday’s shooting spree in Karak, home to one of the region’s biggest Crusader castles, killed seven policemen and two Jordanian civilians as well as the Canadian tourist. A total of 34 other people were wounded, including the son of the Canadian holidaymaker and another foreigner.

Canadian killed in shootout at Jordanian castle, other tourists held hostage

Four assailants were killed by the Jordanian security forces after an hours-long siege of the Crusader castle, where the suspects had fled after opening fire on police patrols and a police station in the city.

The Islamic State group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was carried out by four “soldiers of the caliphate” who used machine-guns and hand grenades.

Jordan is part of the alliance and has carried out air strikes targeting IS. It also hosts coalition troops on its territory.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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