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As Israel rallies behind Trump, what does that mean for Palestine?

HILE many in the Arab world are prone to mouthing support for the Palestinian cause, over the decades it has been witnessed that when the time comes for solid action, pressure from certain quarters is difficult to resist.

This was the case in the UN Security Council when a resolution calling for a halt to illegal Israeli settlement activity on occupied Palestinian land was delayed at Egypt’s ‘request’, before it was finally passed on Friday.

Cairo’s request reportedly came as the Arab power wanted more time for ‘consultations’ on the matter.

However, a call from US president-elect Donald Trump to Egyptian strongman Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may have been instrumental in Cairo’s decision, before the resolution was eventually passed with an American abstention.

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While the US has always preferred to look at the Arab Israeli dispute through the Israeli lens, all indications are that under the Trump administration, any pretence of American neutrality will be jettisoned in a gesture of naked partisanship in Tel Aviv’s favour.

The case of the UN resolution may simply be a taste of things to come, as Mr Trump’s America decides to throw its weight around in Israel’s support.

Israeli settlements are considered illegal by the world community, apart from, of course, Tel Aviv and its far right supporters in the US.

Mr Trump should avoid further emboldening hardliners in Israel by underwriting these blatantly illegal land grabs.

Moreover, the American president-elect’s rhetoric about recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is inflammatory. We hope this reckless plan is abandoned once Mr Trump moves into the White House.

As it is, the Middle East is in a state of tumult.

If Israel backed by a new Republican administration in Washington continues gobbling up Palestinian land and denying the Arabs their rights, a new intifada cannot be ruled out.

While it may look unlikely at the moment, Mr Trump should attempt to address the Palestinian question fairly and justly, given that this forsaken nation has been denied justice for nearly seven decades.

courtesy : Dawn News



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