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Minorities should not be scared of any group: cleric

ISLAMABAD: Assuring religious minorities of complete support, a liberal cleric on Monday said non-Muslims living in Pakistan do not need to be scared of any individual or group.

“We will play the frontline role to contain the misuse of the blasphemy law,” Hafiz Mohammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, the chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC), told the media.

He said the council would continue efforts for the promotion of interfaith harmony and intersect coexistence.

“Whether it is the issue of Hindu girls in the interior of Sindh who face forced conversions or clashes between Muslims and non-Muslim communities in different parts of the country, we will stand by the victims to our capacity.”

Hafiz Ashrafi said the PUC had formed a national reconciliatory council to play a role in resolving issues by encouraging interfaith dialogues and intersect coexistence.

“Dialogues on interfaith and intersect issues are the need of the hour to resolve religion-based differences,” said Hafiz Ashrafi, adding it was the responsibility of all religious leaders to play their key role for the elimination of extremism and terrorism.

He also spoke about the meeting of the PUC with leaders of different faiths, including Christians and Hindus, on Christmas.

The delegates from different religions and Hafiz Ashrafi acknowledged that teachings of Islam stressed honour and respect for all religions. “The PUC has always played a key role in resolving challenges amicably at different fronts relating to interfaith clashes and sectarian differences,” added Hafiz Ashrafi.

Pastor Emaneul Khokhar said the situation relating to the interfaith harmony in Pakistan had improved due to the interfaith dialogues.

courtesy : dawn news



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