Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Obama releases final batch of Bin Laden documents

WASHINGTON: In its final hours, the Obama administration on Thursday released the last of three installments of documents belonging to Osama bin Laden that were seized in a 2011 raid that killed the Al Qaeda leader in his secret compound.

Tracking down and killing the man behind the 2001 terrorist attacks on America is one of President Barack Obama’s greatest accomplishments.

Intelligence officials have been working for more than two years to declassify the hundreds of documents captured in the raid.

The last batch consisting of 49 documents include letters to and from Bin Laden, his deputies and his mother. The documents also include a running disagreement between bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, which morphed into the militant Islamic State group. Those militants are currently the top target of US counterterrorism efforts.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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