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Rebels accused of ‘poisoning’ Damascus water

DAMASCUS: Residents of the Syrian capital were facing their third consecutive day of water shortages on Sunday, with authorities accusing “terrorist groups” of deliberately poisoning water resources.

The government cut off water to Damascus on Friday after concerns that rebel groups west of the city had poisoned wells and pipes.

A statement by the Damascus City Water Supply and Sewage Authority said it had halted supplies after “terrorist attacks on all water resources feeding into Damascus and its surroundings”.

It said it was using reserves and would pump water to various city neighbourhoods according to a schedule published on its website.

“Water has been totally cut for three days,” said Rasha, a 51-year-old housewife.

“We can live without electricity but we can’t live without water.” Supplies were pumped briefly to two districts on Saturday, correspondents said, but tanks were empty again on Sunday.

According to state news agency SANA, rebel groups attacked springs at Wadi Barada and Ain al-Fijeh, about 15 kilometres northwest of Damascus.

courtesy : dawn news



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