Wednesday , 27 September 2017
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Sex Timing improve & what should do or not “Mardana Timing”

Many mans are confused about their sex timings “mardana timing”, today we are tell you about truth behind the timings during sex of the men & women also.

there are two things related with sex timing “mardana Timing” first of all you should sleep well & eat well, that means not more than 8 hours sleep & not eat too much, just eat well & use fruits & vegetables extra, in sleeping prefer to night 8 hours must.

when you have done your dinner take some rest & walk do not lay down aprrox 2 or 3 hours, after that you go to sleep, you must remember one thing that after some tim sleep doing sex is more powerful than without sleep sex.

some people eat tablets for doing sex & improve the Sex timings “mardana timing” but this is not good for health because these tablets continuously week your body harmons and week your sex timings “mardana timings” also, some people use spay or numb cream for increase sex timing these are also very dangerous for health.



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