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Trump expresses willingness to solve Pakistan’s outstanding problems

US president-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday he is willing to play any role that Pakistan wants to find solutions to outstanding problems, reported Radio Pakistan.

Trump made these remarks in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The premier had called Trump to felicitate him on his recent victory.

The US president-elect also said it will be an honour for him to do so and he will personally do what is needed.

During the telephone conversation, Trump also praised Nawaz and expressed his desire to meet the prime minister soon.

Trump added that Pakistan is an amazing with tremendous opportunities and Pakistanis are some of the most intelligent people.

The prime minister also invited the president-elect of the United States. Trump, in reply, said he would love to visit the country and meet its people.

Earlier, Donald Trump had said that if elected, he’d like to mediate between India and Pakistan because the region was a “very, very hot tinderbox”.

But like the Obama administration, Trump also said that he would only mediate if both countries asked him to do so.

Donald Trump, riding a wave of populist resentment, defeated Hillary Clinton in the race to become the 45th president of the United States.

Trump secured at least 290 electoral votes, securing more than the 270 he needed to succeed Barack Obama.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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