Tuesday , 24 October 2017
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University for study and become highly educated for earn money

Many student from passed out from there school with good percentage trying everyday to admission in very high and good ranked universities in all over the world for more education, more education means more more because when you learned a lot then companies give you highly paid job, thats the reason for students and there perents try to admission in high ranked university.

There are lot of universities in pakistan like lums, iqra, ned university and other countries have oxford, cambridge and lincoln university but these universities have different requirement for admission like different percentage in passed school and other admission tests.

People are getting fast in submitting forms and apply for admission in abroad universities because if you certified from other west country’s university then your country consider this very good in yoyr country so strudent try to learn from abroad and then find a good high paid job.

The reason is just earn more money and settled with there family in high class living, but some peopke have fake degrees and qualification in market and doing job that is very bad for market its really going down econimy for country, and also for this company where he is doing fake degree job.

These university world in motive is to give high education for there students not for only do a high job and earn money, but university graduation thinking are changed and people doing graduation in university is only for do a high paid job.



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