Monday , 23 October 2017
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Veteran Actor Vinod Khanna died, Vinod Khanna Funeral Pictures

The Great veteran actor from bollywood industry Vinod Khanna is now died with his disease bladder cancer.

the news is now confirmed with his funeral and vinod khanna funeral video is launched, many actors and actress attend his funeral in mumbai city, vinod khanna released top most movies in bollywood industry and earned a big name in india and all over the world where asian movies are watching, below are some pictures and videos of vinod khanna funeral.

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Vinod khanna was suffering from bladder cancer and switch to hospital when severe pain his bladder then he is stable and able to walk again normally now suddenly admitted again in hospital with his family and died after major operations to save vinod khnna life, people attend vinod khanna’s funeral ceremony and many actors & actresses attend for vinod khanna’s life rest in peace, vinod khanna’s family are crying since vinod khanna died in mumbai and vinod khanna’s great movie names are “insaaf, Amar akbar anthony & Wanted” many movies vinod khanna is playing role of hero’s father and many are with main hero.



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