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12 iOS 10 features you want to try out right now

12 iOS 10 features you want to try out right now

Apple finally released its highly-anticipated mobile operating software iOS 10 and the update has completely changed the iPhone experience. Major changes to the iOS include Siri which is now open to third party apps and Messages which has been completely revamped to give it much more functionality. Here, we look at the hidden features that make the entire iOS experience a lot more exciting.

1. Voicemail transcription


The new OS now allows user to see a written preview of their voice messages before they listen to it. The feature transcribes voicemails, and though it is still in its beta stage, the transcriptions are pretty accurate. The feature will be further updates to tweak and tune any glitches.

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2. Change your Home button back

Perhaps the biggest change in Apple’s new OS is the way you unlock your iPhone. The swipe to unlock feature, which had been on iOS since its first release, has now been abandoned in favour of the home button. To unlock the phone users have to press the home button which will then use their fingerprint id or prompt them to enter their pass code. This feature might prove difficult to get use to and as such there is an option to change the settings. Head to Settings —> General —> Accessibility —> Home Button and switch on “Rest Finger to Open.”

3. Notifications grouped by day

Notification Centre has also seen a completely new design where notifications are now grouped by day, making it a lot easier to clear the screen. Apple has made use of 3D touch which can be also be used to clear all notifications at once.

4. Control flashlight brightness

Apple has also borrowed from third party apps. Controlling the flashlights brightness was possible only with third party apps on the App Store. iOS 10 now incorporates this in the Control Centre where a hard press on flashlight icon gives the option to choose from bight, medium or low light.

5. Low-quality mode for photos in messages

Data usage is a big problem for some as pictures taken from flagship devices tend to take much space. The new feature in iMessage allows user to choose the “Low Quality Image Mode” setting. To enable it, users need to visit Messages from the main setting menu and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the option. The setting only applies to pictures send from the users and not to those that are received.

6. Edit Live Photos

Apple has also added new editing controls that can be used to tweak photos. This includes the new brilliance slider. Further, these new controls also apply to Live Photos. However, users cannot adjust frames that appear within Live Photos.

7. Close all tabs in Safari

Since iOS allows users to open unlimited number of tabs, it is often that we find ourselves with way too many. Previously, each single tab had to be closed individually which would sometimes become hectic. The new update now includes the option to close all tabs at once. Simply hold down on the tab button to shut them all.

8. Doodle on your photos

Photo App has seen some major additions, allowing users to make Snapchat-like doodles on pictures using Markup. Open an image in the Photos app and tap the edit button, then the “…” menu. The Markup feature allows users to quickly edit and add doodles and text to their photos.

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9. Siri does selfies

Siri now has a lot more functionality now which includes the new feature that allows it to take selfies. Simply ask Siri to “take a selfie” and the virtual assistant will launch the front camera. However, users have to actually press the shutter button to take a picture.

10. Maps + apps

This is perhaps the major theme running through the new OS which is allowing Apple apps to have third party support. Maps now allow users to access other applications such as Yelp and OpenTable without having the need to close and switch between them. Tap on a location to pull up a new place card and the card will link to relevant apps to make a reservation or check out a menu.

11. 3D Touch notifications

Apple has made use of 3D touch which so far had limited functionality. 3D Touch can now be used with notifications which include the possibility of replying to incoming messages without having the need to leave an app that is already being used.

12. Handwriting in Messages

iMessage has seen the most improvements and one that stands out is the option to send handwritten messages. To add a message users simply need to tilt their phone to a horizontal position which opens up a handwriting interface. iMessages also save recently written messages that can be used again. Users can delete an entry simply by holding down on the image.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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