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Careem slashes Karachi prices by 30%

Careem slashes Karachi prices by 30%

In face of increasing competition by the likes of Uber, Careem has decided to reduce its Karachi fare by 30%.

“Careem cuts prices up to 30%. Now travel Go for Rs11/km & Economy for Rs15/Km,” an announcement stated.

Uber vs Careem: Which online taxi service is better

The change only applies to its Go and Economy fleet with no word yet on Business fare. Although Careem has reduced its Go fare by 30%, its still more expensive compared to Uber’s Go price which charges Rs9.38/km compared to Careem’s Rs11/km.

Uber also charges a minimal wait charge of Rs2/minute along with a minimum fare of Rs150. As for Careem, you are bound to pay Rs200 (minimum limit) even for a very short distance along with Rs330/hour waiting charges.

Careem reduces prices by 30% PHOTO: CAREEM

A driving service isn’t enough

Uber hasn’t released an economy and business version of its service and is restricted to certain areas of the city. Unlike Careem, Uber also doesn’t offer a wallet service, which lets you top up any remaining balance paid to the captain.

It remains to be seen whether Careem’s measures will affect the growing taxi market in Karachi.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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