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Google for publishers Google's first-ever tech talk in Karachi

Google for publishers Google’s first-ever tech talk in Karachi

A Google team from Singapore held a session at the Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA) on Tuesday to discuss their monetisation products, AdSense and AdMob.

This was Google’s first ever tech-talk in Pakistan and attracted over 1,100 registrations.

Speakers Waqas Burney and Ahmed Nawaz, who are the manager (web) and manager (apps) of Google Singapore respectively, informed the audience that Google has over 2,000,000 plus members on AdSense and 1,000,000 plus members on AdWords, while giving details on how users, advertisers and publishers can earn money by placing ads on websites through AdSense.

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Google Tech-talk at IBA campus PHOTO: DEXTER STUDIOS via IBA

“The placing of advertisements on various websites is how bloggers and publishers earn good money. The more traffic on your site, the more revenue you earn. One must first concentrate on generating traffic to your website and then think about monetising it,” said Burney.

In 2015, Google paid 10 billion to users.

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The speakers also shed light on Google AdMob and how user-friendly and functional apps attract more users. Apps such as Angry Birds, MuslimPro and Uber are examples of that.

Dr Shakeel Khoja, from IBA’s Computer Science faculty, said the tech talk was a promising initiative and hoped Google would continue to hold such sessions for the Pakistani youth in the future.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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