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Google grows to trillions, introduces major changes

Google grows to trillions, introduces major changes

Google has announced that it has grown from billions to trillions, in number of searches per year of course, and more than half of its traffic is now coming from Mobile and Tablets.

In order to shift focus of advertisers on its growing mobile base, Google has introduced some new feature to allow advertisers showcase their ads better on AdWords.

“With location-related mobile searches growing 50% faster than all mobile searches, it’s clear that consumers are moving seamlessly between online and offline experiences. So it’s important to help marketers think this way too,” said Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce, in the blog post announcing the update.

According to the The Tech Portal, the company has added local search ads across Google.com and Google Maps, which will ease users searching process, locally. Meaning that businesses can opt to place their names, services they provide etc on Google.

Coming to Google Maps, the company is also introducing what it terms “promoted pins,” that allow businesses to pay Google by making their locations highlighted on the navigation service.

Google grows to trillions, introduces major changes1

Google grows to trillions, introduces major changes1

There is also good news for text-based mobile advertisers as the company has increased the 25-character headline-limit to 30 and the 35-character description line is jumping to 80-characters. This, the company says, “based on early testing, some advertisers have reported increases in clickthrough rates of up to 20% compared to current text ads,” in its blog.

The company then informed about AdWords which “is the largest online-to-offline ad measurement solution in the world.” Google said since AdWords store visits were introduced two years ago, advertisers have measured over 1 billion store visits globally.

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