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Google's AI-powered messaging app finally available in Pakistan

Google’s AI-powered messaging app finally available in Pakistan

Google rolled out its new messaging app Allo three days ago. However, the app was not available for downloading in our part of the world. The tech giant finally made it available on Friday for users in Pakistan. The app can now be downloaded directly from official stores.

Earlier, users were using APK file to get the Google’s smart messenger. However, the process to download the app was quiet complicated – not to mention illegal.

Google launches Allo, its smart messenger service

Allo’s AI-powered features use machine learning to suggest appropriate responses to both text and graphic messages, cutting down on your typing.

Allo virtual assistants “understand your world” in ways that allow people to ask questions or give directives the same way one might speak with an aide, according to Google engineering director Erik Kay. So if someone asks if you are up to party a Friday night, it will let you reply, “I’m in,” just by tapping the prompt.

The app lets you sign up with your phone number and after identity verification, the app scans your address book to find people you may know who are also using the app.

In addition to being a standard messaging service, Allo also allows you to record a voice message, send a photo with a doodle (for Android only right now), or share a map of your current location. The app also includes a number of themed sticker packs that you can use to liven up your chats.

Google’s new chat app should never be used, warns Snowden

But the app is not free from controversy. Former US National Security Agency contractor and whistle blower Edward Snowden termed Allo an “app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request.” Google defended its privacy stand, saying users can opt for a more secure “incognito” mode if they prefer.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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