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Here's what happens if your iPhone home button stops functioning

Here’s what happens if your iPhone home button stops functioning

Apart from the removal of the headphone jack, Apple’s other big change in the iPhone 7 is the new home button. The home button is no longer a mechanical button, but a force sensitive static button. But what happens if it stops functioning?

According to MacRumors, Apple has provided a way around if such a problem arises. In a picture posted, an iPhone 7 displays a home button on the screen as an alternative when it detects a problem with the button.

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PHOTO: iwayne/ MacRumors

The programming that controls the software is deeply integrated into iOS 10, so much so that it appears that the latest iPhone is able to automatically offer a temporary workaround when its diagnostic software senses that the technology may be facing a problem.

The user’s iPhone 7 unexpectedly turned itself off while charging causing the haptic feedback to malfunction. A Dialog prompted the user of an alternative way to open the home screen.

Apple is reportedly dropping the home button that has existed ever since its inception from iPhone’s 2017 model. Rather than having a home button, the 2017 version of the phone will have one long sheet of glass screen. Although the size of the phone is likely to remain the same, this change is part of a major design haul, as this is not the only change Apple is bringing to iPhone.

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This article originally appeared on MacRumors.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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