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iPhone and Android, different, disadvantages

iPhone and Android have different disadvantages

Iphone as you all know about the device, creates by Apple Inc. international company founder Steve jobs who was love simplicity and decent designs, after he launched the first iPhone in 2007 the other companies like samsung etc picked up that idea and creates apple’s like phone in the market but a lot of feature they cant developed by there industries.

if we are talking about android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Note, Tablets and all other they all have bigger screens better resolution and nice memory with camera but they cant still makes there touch sensors better than Apple’s iPhone.

and other side if we talk about  iPhones so they still cant met users requirements like some people wanted to listen songs in offline mode through the browsers downloaded file saved in memory but Apple’s macintosh software have no any file manager so they people cant download files in there phone directly through the browsers they only download or upload files through the apps or iTunes software.

Android phones are easier to connect with any Personal computer like the USB drive and copy paste your personal data on the other side apple have more strict in share method with any unknows pc or connectivity like bluetooth flash drive or wi fi connectivity.



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