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Now you can grow plants inside your room with Grobo

Now you can grow plants inside your room with Grobo

Not everyone has the luxury of living on a farm or tending to an expansive garden. But now you can also enjoy fresh produce to thanks to Grobo, a home growing system that lets you plant your favourite seeds inside your room.

Using Grobo, which is known as “Keurig for plants”, is really simple. All you need to do is fill the device’s reservoirs with water and nutrients, drop some seeds into its base, and then hit a button on a connected app to start the growing process.

You can monitor conditions through the Grobo app PHOTO: GROBO

“Grobo is an app-­controlled, indoor gardening system that puts you in control of what you consume. It minimises the time, space and knowledge required to grow fresh food and medicine so you spend less time gardening, and more time enjoying your plants,” the company said.

Is this company the solution to all your gardening woes?

There’s no limit to the types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can grow with the Grobo. From traditional vegetables such as tomatoes to seasonal fruits, Grobo creates the perfect conditions to grow any of these plants while using the same amount of electricity as a ceiling fan.

You just have to select the plant you want to grow and Grobo will do the rest. The Grobo’s system will run a preloaded and optimised recipe using sensors to monitor the condition of the plant, and automatically adjusting its watering schedule while allowing you to monitor the growth through its smartphone app. The system’s optimised LED lights mimic sunrise and sunset and help your plants grow faster and healthier than ever.


Through a WiFi connectivity, the system sends real-time information to your phone to keep you posted about what’s going on. You can also check the Grobo app for variables such as plant height, nutrient consumption, and more.

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The app also allows you share your growing achievements and compare plants stats or share growing tips with other Grobo users.

The device is available for pre-orders at $899 with a requirement of a $199 deposit.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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