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Prisma makes Android debut with over 40,000 downloads within hours

Prisma makes Android debut with over 40,000 downloads within hours

Prisma, the smartphone application which transforms user’s “photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists”, is now officially available for Android phones. It was downloaded more than 40,000 times within few hours of its launch.

The photo editing app created quite a stir on social media after a number of celebrities, both local and foreign, posted their artistically edited photos on social media platforms.

Android users were quick to look for the app in their respective app stores but to their dismay, the world’s largest mobile platform found that the app was only available on Apple App store.

The app’s magical filters, inspired by real life art works of Munk and Picasso made it one of the most downloaded free apps on the Apple store, though long after the revolutionary Pokemon Go.

The app’s developers, however, announced the launch of Android version on Monday. As we took a demo, we found out that the Android app has the same features as the iOS version.

With over 30 filters for editing your photos, through camera or from one’s gallery, the app is no different from the one available on Apple App store. The only difference perhaps is that the app is running quite slow on Android phones.

Till this report was filed, the app was downloaded a total of 40,860 times, bringing the developer’s server down.

Don’t download a fake

Downloading the app is not an easy task, as there are a lot of fake photo editing apps and filter apps available by the name of Prisma.
This is how a direct search of Prisma app looks on Google Play

You can download the original app from here.

‘Something really cool is coming’

Prisma Labs have uploaded a number of videos on their social media pages with the promise that the developers are working on a video app too.

Technology pundits have already started terming Prisma videos as future of music videos.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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