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The day Facebook declared war on Google Plus

The day Facebook declared war on Google Plus

Facebook has been at the forefront of many technological innovations, but there were times when the world largest social media platform literally went on war to crush competitors.

FB has been accused of many things, from eavesdropping on users conversations to bias trending, but this time the fresh allegations comes from someone close, former Facebook employee Antonio Garcia Martinez reveals in his book “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley ,” how CEO Zuckerberg apparently declared ‘lockdown’ and vowed to destroy Google Plus in 2011.

According to Vanity Fair, Martinez mentions in his book “Zuck took it as an existential threat comparable to the Soviets’ placing nukes in Cuba in 1962. Google Plus was the great enemy’s sally into our own hemisphere, and it gripped Zuck like nothing else.”

Fearing Google would take over social media with the power of its search, Zuckerberg declared ‘Lockdown’.

“He declared “Lockdown,” the first and only one during my time there. As was duly explained to the more recent employees, Lockdown was a state of war that dated to Facebook’s earliest days, when no one could leave the building while the company confronted some threat, either competitive or technical,” said Martinez in his book.

Martínez, whose book is coming out this month, goes on to write that Zuckerberg ordered his employees to step up their game in the wake of Google Plus emergence.

The author notes that the launch of Google Plus in June 2011 had “hit Facebook like a bomb.” It was further reported that Zuckerberg delivered his first ‘lockdown speech’ on the day Google Plus was launched.

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