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This Pakistani device claims to slash power bills by 25%

This Pakistani device claims to slash power bills by 25%

All of us have experienced the misfortune of receiving astronomical electricity bills, especially in the summer.

Confronted with such a situation, many think they have been fleeced by a power company or pin their woes on a faulty meter. Fortunately, a Pakistani start-up has come up with a device that makes it possible to overcome the problem by monitoring day-to-day electricity consumption.

Wattie is a smart device that sends information about home energy consumption to one’s phone. The device provides a detailed breakdown of how much energy electricity appliances have been consuming and what electricity bill can be expected.

The manufactures of the device argue Wattie can help you manage electricity consumption in such a way that it reduces electricity bills by 25 per cent.

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The idea behind the device from Fictive Labs is that most of our energy consumption comes from devices on standby. This goes unnoticed as there is no way to keep track of it. By being able to monitor overall consumption, users can track all devices that remain idle but contribute towards monthly bills. The devices can then be turned off to lower consumption.

After being connected to the main electricity meter, the device sends raw data to Wattie’s AI platform. The data is then sent to its mobile application which uses it to provide information to users such as real time usage, electrical loads on different phases, statistics for daily consumption and much more.

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Additionally, the app also calculates the expected bill by taking into account different billing slabs and government taxes. This lends greater accuracy to its forecasts.

Taking into account dynamics of the Pakistani market, Fictive Labs have priced their product at a modest Rs2,900 with a quarterly subscription of Rs300. An added benefit for those who order the device now is a two-year subscription waiver.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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