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Tim Cook on why AirPods won't fall out of your ears

Tim Cook on why AirPods won’t fall out of your ears

With the release of the highly-anticipated iPhone 7, Apple announced to ditch the headphone jack, introducing wireless headphones called AirPods instead.

Since their release, many have voiced concern over losing the expensive accessory.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the issue in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday.

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Regarding the possibility of losing the $159 accessory, Cook replied with a detailed presentation of the AirPods magnetic case and went on to say, “I’ve been wearing them (AirPods) for a while. The wires tend to help the earbud fall out because it applies weight on those. By snipping the wires, I have never personally had one (AirPod) fall out.”

His argument does make sense as without the wires pulling down on the earbuds, the risk of the devices to fall off would be drastically lower.

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“I’ve been on treadmills, walking, doing all the things that I’d normally do,” Cook said, describing the various instances he has used AirPods successfully without having them slip out.

Apple’s AirPods will be available by late October.

This article originally appeared on Mashable.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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