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Twitter is finally opening up Moments to everyone

Twitter is finally opening up Moments to everyone

Moments: Twitter’s tool for curating collections of tweets around specific subjects is now open to everyone.

The feature can include tweeting reactions to a football game, updates on a particular news event or just a bunch of Trump jokes. At its launch, Twitter had opened the feature just for itself and a few selected partners, like BuzzFeed and The New York Times.

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Later, Twitter opened it up to a larger audience including major users and some companies. Now, the feature is being rolled out for everyone and may appear on your profile in a few days.

For now, users can create Moments only on Twitter’s desktop version. A button on the profile page allows them to start building one. This then takes users to a new screen where they can search for tweets they want to add.

It remains to be seen whether this feature will fly with active Twitter users as sitting around and curating tweets isn’t exactly the type of spontaneity which Twitter thrives on. Most of Twitter’s iconic features have come from individual users, so it makes sense that Moments is being opened up to everyone.

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Twitter is certainly giving this Moments feature a great degree of backing— it’s the tab right beside the Timeline — now it depends on whether users take to it.

This article originally appeared on Mashable.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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