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Uber vs Careem Which online taxi service is better

Uber vs Careem: Which online taxi service is better

Just a few weeks ago Uber launched in Karachi, relieving avid public transport users from the ordeals of taking local buses and taxis, or worst facing rejection from rickshaw walas. The American multinational online transportation network arrived in the metropolis at a time when Careem was already facilitating a high number of passengers eager to enjoy the perks of ‘a chauffeur driven car at the touch of a button’.

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We tried both services to determine which one is better and here is what we found out:


When it comes to the price of commute, Uber is our best bet. The company not only charges Rs9.38/km compared to Careem’s Rs17/km, it also has minimal wait charges of Rs2/min along with a minimum fare of Rs150. As for Careem, you are bound to pay Rs200 (minimum limit) even for a very short distance along with Rs330/hour waiting charges. However, one thing is for certain, when riding with Uber you have to make sure you have enough change for the ride, if you prefer upfront cash. Unlike Careem, Uber doesn’t offer a wallet service, which lets you top up any remaining balance paid to the captain.

Car and route tracking

If you are one who multi tasks on your smartphone while waiting for your ride then Uber is ideal for you. The network allows you to track your ride even when you have closed the app. In fact, it even tracks your route during the ride. Careem, on the other hand, fails to provide a real-time response on your location once the app is closed.


While both transport giants send receipts after you have paid for your ride, giving you a fare breakdown, Uber immediately sends you a full fare notification right after the driver has pressed ‘end trip’ leaving no room for fraud.

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Customer service

Although Careem recently discontinued their phone service, limiting bookings only through the app, we have to admit that both the service providers are prompt with their replies. Although when it comes to complaints, Careem requires a detailed email with Booking ID, while for Uber all one has to do is go to History, select the ride and then simply press ‘Need Help’.

Car availability

Since the chauffeur cab booking service Careem launched earlier this year they had ample time unlike Uber to increase their fleet of cars, hence Careem cars are available almost throughout the day. So, if you are pressed with time, Careem sounds like a fair deal. But give Uber another month or two and it will take over Careem in this facet as well.

All in all, Uber is our best best. From fare estimates to customer service and route tracking, the American network is in top gear, leaving its rival Careem far behind.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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