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Wikileaks claims Assange’s internet access blocked by state party

Wikileaks claims Assange’s internet access blocked by ‘state party’

Global transparency organisation Wikileaks, which is responsible for leaking thousands of email archives from US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, claimed that a ‘state party’ is denying internet access to its founder Julian Assange.

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Assange, who was granted Ayslum in 2012 by Ecuador, is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Wikileaks hasn’t released who it suspects to be behind the disruption but it has stated that they have activated ‘contingency plans’.

The anti-secrecy website has published thousands of emails from the head of Clinton’s campaign team Podesta’s personal Gmail account, allegedly obtained by Russian hackers.

While there have been no major damaging revelations, the massive leak does lift the veil on team Clinton’s inner workings. Podesta slammed the WikiLeaks founder on Tuesday for helping Republican rival Donald Trump in the bitter White House race, while accusing Moscow of being behind the hack.

“Whether that was Mr Assange’s decision to try to help Mr Trump or whether there was some coordination involved, I have no way of knowing. I’m just saying, it’s an awfully curious coincidence that it happened virtually as soon as the water temperature was moving to a boil,” Podesta said.

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He told to journalists after an earlier video leaked of Trump making lewd boasts about groping women in 2005.

This article originally appeared on The Next Web.

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