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11 more Pakistani families clueless about sons abducted abroad

After six Pakistani youngsters abducted in Turkey were recovered, families of 11 more on Monday came forward with claims that their relatives had been abducted for ransom abroad.

Families told DawnNews that four Pakistani youngsters, three from Sara-e-Alamgir and one from Mandi Bahauddin, had been kidnapped in Turkey.

A video, available and allegedly made by kidnappers, showed that the abductors brutally torturing their victims.

The affected families said that the kidnappers had demanded a sum of Rs6mn for their children’s release. Subsequently, the amount was transferred to someone in Peshawar as per the direction of kidnappers. However, the families still haven’t received contact from their beloved ones.

According to the families, they had paid Rs0.5mn for each abductee to an agent, Zahid, to send them to Italy via Turkey.

Later, the families came to know that their relatives had been abducted. They expressed suspicion that the agent was involved with the abductors.

Soon after the news was aired, cases of seven other victims from district Jehlum and adjoining areas surfaced with similar facts.

Sources told DawnNews that seven youngsters from the area paid Rs100,0000 each to a local agent, Imran Butt, on the promise he would send them to Greece.

Later, the family members were told by the agent that their loved ones had been kidnapped by Kurd miscreants in Iran. He told the families over telephone that the kidnappers were demanding Rs300,000 each for the release of the abductees.

Butt asked the affected families to hand over the amount to his father, who resides in the area, who would arrange to pay the ransom to the kidnappers, said people privy to the matter.

There is no information about the abductees as yet despite the payment of ransom.

The families in all the cases were scared and had not contacted police as they had been threatened of dire consequences.

courtesy : dawn news



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